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Anna's latest news

APRIL 17th, 2014

"Kaliteres Meres" Dance Version! Now Available in iTunes and Google Play!


APRIL 16th, 2014

Flashback: 17 years Travma!!!


APRIL 11th, 2014

Fannatics Live: The first mobile application for a Greek singer is a fact!!!


APRIL 07th, 2014

Anna Vissi in Dortmund!!!


APRIL 04th, 2014

Fannatics Exclusive!!! Watch Anna Vissi's Performance at MadWalk 2014!!!


APRIL 02nd, 2014

Listen to Anna Vissi's New Song... 'Kaliteres Meres'!


MARCH 31st, 2014



MARCH 31st, 2014

Anna Vissi Live at Blinkers Club, 30th May 2014


MARCH 28th, 2014

Listen to the first teaser of Anna Vissi's new song!!!


MARCH 24th, 2014

Anna Vissi: If I could, I would keep on working with Antonis Remos forever!


SEPTEMBER 19th, 2011

Anna Vissi's new tattoo!

Anna Vissi in one of her rare photographs for a cypriot magazine spoke to 'Periodiko' this week about life, music, her relationship with her daughter and men.

One of the photos even shows the new tattoo which, like fannatics.gr wrote first, she did a few months ago on her left wrist for her daughter.

See all the pictures here

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