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Anna's latest news

AUGUST 18th, 2014

Fannatic tickets for Anna's concert in Cyprus!!


AUGUST 05th, 2014

Goodbye Zoe!


AUGUST 04th, 2014

Anna at Nick's junior baptism!!


AUGUST 04th, 2014

Anna Vissi defends her party in Mykonos!


JULY 27th, 2014

VissiFever: updates from Anna's special party!


JULY 17th, 2014

Special offer for Anna's big part in Mykonos, only for fANNAtics!!


JULY 16th, 2014

Anna Vissi: I have done a great mistake in my life, so great that I cannot even talk about it


JULY 16th, 2014

Finale for Anna Vissi and Antonis Remos in Patra!


JULY 13th, 2014

Anna Vissi: I hate repetition, I'm always looking for my own new inspiration!


JULY 10th, 2014

Anna was awarded a Doctorate of Arts!


JUNE 29th, 2012

'Daimones' will return with Anna Vissi on stage at 'Pallas'!

Confirming the report from the newspaper 'Ta Nea' the rock opera 'Daimones' with music by Nikos Karvelas and lyrics by Stavros Sidera, 21 years after its first staging, will be presented to the public again in the Spring of 2013!

Specifically, the legendary 'Daimones' will be staged at 'Pallas' Theatre in a Greek Theatre production of spectacle with Anna Vissi and directed by Giannis Kaklea!

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