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Anna's latest news

NOVEMBER 12th, 2014

Christmas night with Anna Vissi!!


NOVEMBER 10th, 2014

Breaking: Apolyto Keno Version 2015 is out!!!


NOVEMBER 03rd, 2014

The teaser for "Apolyto Keno" new remixed version!


OCTOBER 31st, 2014

New album release! "Ena h Kanena" and more to come!


OCTOBER 29th, 2014

Anna Vissi for one and only live performance in Patra!


OCTOBER 16th, 2014

Yannis Kakleas reveals new details about the play's plot!!


OCTOBER 14th, 2014

COMING SOON: Anna's new album, and the soundtrack of "The Bells of Edelweiss"


OCTOBER 07th, 2014

Fannatics Live App: Thank you!!!


SEPTEMBER 30th, 2014

Anna Vissi talks about the new rock opera at Pantheon Theatre!


SEPTEMBER 29th, 2014

All the details from the first press report at Pantheon Theatre!!


JUNE 29th, 2012

'Daimones' will return with Anna Vissi on stage at 'Pallas'!

Confirming the report from the newspaper 'Ta Nea' the rock opera 'Daimones' with music by Nikos Karvelas and lyrics by Stavros Sidera, 21 years after its first staging, will be presented to the public again in the Spring of 2013!

Specifically, the legendary 'Daimones' will be staged at 'Pallas' Theatre in a Greek Theatre production of spectacle with Anna Vissi and directed by Giannis Kaklea!

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