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Do you think you know everything there is to know about Anna Vissi?

She moves to Athens with her family on the 2nd of September, in order to sign a contract with MINOS. At the same time she attends a local high school in Kipseli.
Anna's first song is released in Yiannis Kalantzis's 7" single "O! ti kosmos mpampa": it's a duet with him entitled "Legontas ke klegontas".
Anna collaborates with the Cypriot composer Giorgos Kotsonis in his work "Ayia Tilliria", based on poems by Spiros Papageorgiou. Kostas Kamenos and the orchestra of CyBC participate as well. The Cypriot broadcaster supports the whole effort both financially and technically - Anna and the whole team tour in theatres around Cyprus, with their last concert given in the ancient theatre of Salamina, in August 1973. This work remains unreleased to this day.
Recording sessions of 'Ayia Tilliria'
She participates in the soundtrack of Giorgos Filis' documentary : "Grigoris Afxentiou, enas iroas me to mnimoskopio". The song has not yet been released, whereas the documentary won 2 awards at the Thessaloniki Film Festival (best production and best music by Vassilis Tenidis).
Afino yia, From the documentary 'Grigoris Afxentiou, enas iroas me to mnimoskopio', Rare
"Dilina" music hall, with Giorgos Dalaras, Charis Alexiou, Panos Labropoulos and Maria Romanou.
Anna's last TV appearence in Cyprus. She is invited to the TV show of Frini Fereou, called "Apopse mazi mas" (Tonight with us) on CyBC, where she sings and talks about Greece and her plans for the future. Her sister Lia is on the piano.
Apopse mazi mas
"I came to Greece in 1972 and went through an audition. I was only 13 years old. People from Lyra and MINOS heard me, but I had always wanted to join MINOS, as many famous singers were there. I was a kid, you see, and I was impressed by all those things. Thus, I chose Matsas (owner of MINOS), who was also very interested in me. That's how I finally moved to Greece in 1973, signed with MINOS and settled down. I remember that as I entered MINOS's building, the first person I saw and was introduced to was Giorgos Dalaras. Luck! Through all these, my mother was always by my side. She spoke on behalf of me, I owe everything to her.", Diplo Tilerama magazine, 1983
"Then: Classy start, with Ritsos and Dalaras. Just a good singer. Her love affairs wrote history.
Now: She's a demon! A hot woman and a great singer. She sings Karvelas and her love affairs go down in history.", Nikos Mouratidis, Nitro magazine, 2004
Anna talks about men