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Do you think you know everything there is to know about Anna Vissi?

"Mono i agapi" is released by local branches of CBS across Europe (Holland, Spain, United Kingdom, Portugal) with English lyrics and the title is "Love is a lonely weekend". "I'm gonna be a fool for you" is the flip-side.
Leaving EMI, the company releases another best-of album!
In Greece, Anna’s new album is called "Ime to simera ki ise to chtes", in which all the lyrics are written by herself. The photographs on the sleeve of the album are taken by Nikos himself! The album is not available in any other format than LP/MC.
Anna and Nikos create a new label, Carvi, after strong disagreements with their label, concerning the release of Anna’s new album. Eventually, they lose in court, the album is withdrawn and Anna continues her career with CBS (now Sony Music Greece).
She is selected by CyBC (Cypriot broadcaster) to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest. The song "Mono i agapi" achieves a record: It comes 5th (85 points) and it is the best position reached by Cyprus in the contest until today!
Eurovision 1982
"'Mono i agapi' is one of those songs I write alone in moments of thinking and which I keep for myself. This song specifically, was composed a long time ago and I'd never try to sing it here, as it doesn’t match the contemporary Greek musical taste. It talks about love in our lives, compared to the vanity of other things. The tempo is slow and melodic, but has also some elation. It starts with piano and ends with wind instruments... It's something completely different compared to everything I have presented till now.". Romantso magazine, 1982